Since I was a kid I always had an uncontrollable need to express my curiosity and creativity, all the projects that I have done is based on my need, the desire to create and do something different. With that in mind, there was one more project that fell in love with me from the first second, photography, and its ability to capture people’s light.

I was surrendered and passionate about photography, about seven years ago I bought my first DSLR, studied photography bases, attended a course and several workshops and since then I decided to apply myself! Thus is born LPhotography, with the following premise – Discover the light of each one of us, photograph the most intimate events, photograph the love, the passion, the people, the life!

I like to live full of things to do. A creative life, full of things that make me happy.

I love a good mug of warm barley with yellow sugar, caipirinhas, a good red wine and watch the sunset.